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Instruction for the universal protection device «Neitronik 5GRS»

🥑 Since we are a direct manufacturer and are engaged in saving children from influencing factors, when you go from this page you will receive a discount in the process of ordering for each protection device (except for books) which compensates for the delivery costs. We wish you and your family happiness, health, prosperity, joy and goodness!

💎 5GRS, MG-04, 15GM 💎
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Set «Neitronik 5GRS» (6 pieces)
universal for all devices
(except for computer monitor)

Set «Neitronik 5GRS» buy — 6 pieces

5.100 ₽

Set «Neitronik MG-04» (6 pieces)
for protection against
radiation of a computer monitor

Set «Neitronik MG-04» buy — 6 pieces

4.500 ₽

«Neitronik 5GRS»
universal for all devices
(except for computer monitor)

Buy «Neitronik 5GRS»

1.150 ₽

«Neitronik MG-04»
for protection against
radiation of a computer monitor

Buy «Neitronik MG-04»

1.050 ₽

Antenna «Neitronik 15GM»
for apartments and houses for
protection in a radius of up to 15 m.

Buy «Neitronik 15GM»

52.000 ₽

Book «KONs»
about the energy foundations
of our world and man


300 ₽

«Neitronik ball MG-06AE»
to reduce the impact
of electromagnetic fields (EMF)


4.100 ₽

Reducing agent «Zhivitsa MG-07»
for structuring water and imparting
properties close to spring water


6.500 ₽

«Fitotronik MG-08»
for structuring water and
improving the functional state


12.650 ₽

Book «Household rules»
to create harmony in the house
and choose a place for construction


300 ₽

«Neitronik MG-10 NE»
reduces the psychoemotional load
on the human nervous system


22.500 ₽

«NTRP Neitronik MG»
for protection against EMP
of large objects in aggressive environment


516 t. ₽

Calendar 2021‒2023
will tell about where the pyramids
are located except for Egypt, and not only


1.500 ₽

Buy «Neitronik» ‒ is a reasonable and practical decision of a person who cares about their health and the health of their children. The most economical option of buying from the manufacturer (IE Tyunyaev V. N.) immediately for the whole family ‒ is a set of 6 pieces with a discount on the official website of the non-profit organization «Valkon». It is best to buy this way, because in big cities there are "dealers" selling with a large mark-up.

Just as cellular communication operates at the expense of mobile cells, 6 devices simultaneously create a protective field that reliably removes the effects of electromagnetic radiation: the 5GRS model negates the modulating radiation of smartphones and other signal transmitting equipment (including microwave ovens), and MG-04 eliminates the influence of computer monitors and TV screens.

«Neitronik» ‒ is an ideal device for a cozy home, because you thereby create favorable energy and relieve tension. Accordingly, you will feel more comfortable. The importance of the problem of electromagnetic radiation is understood by those who take care of their health. Such people are eager to acquire «Neitronik» and protect themselves.

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Tyunyaev's Neitronik
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A registered letter with a set of Neitroniks
When I received my set of Neitroniks by registered letter personally from the manufacturer, I was very happy and grateful. You can buy such a kit to protect the whole family reliably and profitably on on the official website from anywhere in the world. Before you buy Vladimir Tyunyaev's Neitronik, decide on the target devices from which you want protection. If this is a mobile watch, you can immediately throw it away: Neitroniks cannot escape from them both in size (it simply will not fit on them, and it is impossible to make it smaller due to the technical specifics of the device) and because they adjoin directly to the body and radial bones without the possibility of creating a leveling torsion vortex (this is why the 15GM antenna must be located at a certain distance from the walls and ceiling). The same applies to devices that go beyond the concept of "electromagnetic radiation". For example, "Alisa" is a miscarriage of the inflamed pros of the well-known search engine Y*x. Yes, the device will protect against the effects of its electromagnetic fields; but there is no hidden effect of sound waves or other vibrations.

I want to say that there is a limit to everything, and Vladimir Nikolaevich being a physicist by profession created a protective antenna for intelligent people who understand the scope of those attributes with which they surround themselves and their children. Let's talk more about the models before buying them so that you can make the best choice.

Buy Neitronik from the manufacturer
Attention!!! You need to buy Neitronic directly on the official website of the manufacturer, otherwise you may face unscrupulous intermediaries. There was a case when a woman received an empty envelope by buying spontaneously from a fraudster. Please be vigilant! We are interested in a good reputation and for you to be satisfied with the result.

🏆 Buy Neitronik 5GRS 🏆
for smartphone, tablet,
🏡 microwave, Wi-Fi router 🏡

Neitronik 5GRS universal
Neitronik 5GRS ‒ is the pride of our organization and a solid indicator of real wealth, because nothing is more valuable than health. It took many years before this device became available for purchase, since it was necessary to take into account a number of aspects related to protection from the whole frequency spectrum and of course testing. We must be sure that the invention will bring concrete benefits in practice before you buy it. This is not a placebo, but a really working passive antenna that does not affect the body at the same time.

Being a stronghold of charity and helping children, we try not to disappoint. Ask questions, write reviews via the feedback form, and feel free to be critical. This is natural, as long as the family is at stake. Phone number for instant messengers: +79189071129. Email: rescue@childhoodworld.org . We do not publish personal data, respecting confidentiality, but your questions and answers to them will help others to draw conclusions about the need for protection from radiation.

It is most profitable to buy a set «Neitronik 5GRS» (6 pieces) for all family members at once or to install them on several signal transmitting devices and create a "dome" of electromagnetic safety in an apartment or office. At first, the cactus was effective and the more the better, but with the arrival of the 5G pandemic, everything has changed ‒ and now the artisanal approach is excluded. Buying Neitronik in any city ‒ is a prestigious investment in your well-being.

🏆 Recommendation of the «Happiness in Freedom» Project: Neitronik
Acquisition of Neitronik guarantees a decrease in the strength of the electromagnetic field and the influence of modulating signals, but this does not mean that one should be uncompromising in the use of technology and use it to its fullest. The passive antenna of Vladimir Tyunyaev protects up to 85%, and nothing will protect completely from the influence of technology except a reasonable attitude to this in parallel with the protection device.

5GRS is purchased for installation primarily on a smartphone. The package contains instructions from the manufacturer, which must be read. The arrow on the antenna must always point downward! You can save money and do it ergonomically: you don't have to stick it on! You can put the Neutronic into the case from the back of the phone without removing it from the backing. But you have to glue it on the tablet. In addition, for the tablet, it is required to separately install the MG-04M protection as for the monitor, since the irradiation comes from it, even in stand-alone mode.

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