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«Neitronik» ‒ the invention of Vladimir Nikolaevich Tyunyaev ‒ is the only reliable protection against the effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMP) and electronics transmitting a signal. Manufacturer of Neitronik: Center for Human Ecology «Valkon» [Russia, Moscow Region, Ramenskoye]. The device is a passive antenna; a shield from radiation of radio engineering equipment, designed to reduce the intensity of electromagnetic fields. Neitronik in antiphase extinguishes the EMF emitted by the equipment, and thus reduces its effect on the body almost completely without entering into resonance with the biofield and body tissues. A number of independent scientific examinations confirm the reliability of the tests carried out and the lasting effect that has saved the lives and health of many people. It is no coincidence that officials and oligarchs use Neitronics as personal protective equipment. Inventor Vladimir Tyunyaev has received many awards, including at international scientific exhibitions, which is confirmed by documents.


The power level of smartphones and Wi-Fi routers is increasing; they have a lot of programs and options. The number of modulations affecting the intercellular exchange is growing, and Neitronik works just to stop their harmful influence. It is intended primarily for the individual protection of a biological object (person) from the effects of electromagnetic radiation, as well as for the protection of the environment from energy-informational pollution. Our invention is highly appreciated by foreign partners and users of gadgets for its ergonomics and ease of use: any child can understand the principle of a passive antenna and install it on his smartphone or monitor. The device is extremely durable and does not require special conditions for transportation and storage, economically from a financial point of view.

Organization of the workplace in front of the monitor A responsible manager of an organization who takes care of his employees must take into account the electromagnetic smog in which they stay throughout the entire working day and lunch from various equipment in offices and other premises. The organization of work should, first of all, be based on electromagnetic safety (EMB) and such a system of workplaces in which the impact on the human body is minimal or practically absent. This approach will increase productivity and efficiency, which will ultimately have a positive impact on profits and lead to the company's success.

The impact of technology, including meters and sockets, creates something like a blocking energy cell (that's why the enemies of humanity introduced alternating current), which does not allow a person to improve their health and receive corrective information from the natural electromagnetic background of the planet. This is one of the main reasons for slow-thinking and mental illness and breakdowns. Especially during sleep, the surrounding equipment (not only transmitting a signal) sometimes even with sound (for example, an air conditioner and a refrigerator), continuously straining the inner ear, which leads to intracranial pressure. If you add to this other influencing factors, especially opiates, it is not surprising that children and parents do not sleep well.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to protect ourselves completely from the wave technologies around us. But reducing the impact is extremely important. The world government recruited the best specialists from different countries and destroyed the most honest bright guys, so little of the really useful inventions remained. Neitronik is a small but sure step towards adjusting the legislation in the field of protecting the population from invisible fields that smartphone manufacturers hide. It is no coincidence that the Japanese threw away microwaves, and in many countries, children are increasingly forbidden to use gadgets. But in our country (and I am sure that in yours too) the situation, as with abortions for stem cell extraction, is, of course, exactly the opposite: almost every child has been tapping on a black mirror since birth; he still cannot speak, and before the word "mom" he has already killed someone on the tablet... We have been envied for centuries, and once we have decomposed and drunk, they gloat and dance on the bones of our ancestors deeper and deeper, driving the smoldering consciousness into the abyss of consumerism of completely unnecessary things that are no one make you happier and even more kind. And the sprouts that make their way are so scattered that they can only decorate the museum of the world government as a reminder of what they fought with and the best of them ‒ as a warning to what they raised their hand against, appreciating most of all themselves and losing the last spark in the blackened with envy eyes.

Influence of EMR on a child

The responsibility for the safety of children rests primarily with the parents, and it is a disaster if this is not the case. The government of your country, wherever you are now, is in collusion with corporations and, at best, they are indifferent to the health of a small creature ‒ at worst, they are used as a resource, controlling his life at every stage. There is no doubt that letting children poke at gadgets emitting radiation (without exaggeration) to "get rid of" ‒ is a crime, and very serious given the consequences that occur as a result of the permeability of the tissues of the child's body and the impact on the fragile nervous system: leukemia, frequent headaches , unreasonable irritability, mood swings, passivity and increased allergic reactions (far from a complete list). Therefore, if you do give your baby a mobile phone, install EMP protection on it, especially from the new 5G Network.

🏆 Recommendation of the «Happiness in Freedom» Project: Neitronik
Acquisition of Neitronik guarantees a decrease in the strength of the electromagnetic field and the influence of modulating signals, but this does not mean that one should be uncompromising in the use of technology and use it to its fullest. The passive antenna of Vladimir Tyunyaev protects up to 85%, and nothing will protect completely from the influence of technology except a reasonable attitude to this in parallel with the protection device.

«Neitronik MG-04» ‒ for radiation protection of monitors. One such device is enough up to 2 meters in diagonal. Especially important for children who spend a lot of time at the computer. Install in the lower left corner of the monitor. On the tablet should be placed on the screen in the lower left corner, and the model «5GRS» should be placed at the back of the tablet in the center with the hologram arrow pointing down. Install on a laptop in the same way as on a computer monitor, and stick on the «5GRS» model on the bottom in the middle of the right side of the laptop.

The key property of this device is a double effect: ✔️ in the interests of the user, it reduces the impact on the body, increases reserve capabilities and human adaptation to the environment; ✔️ in the process of replication and operation, a synergistic effect arises, which provokes a decrease in the overall strength of the electromagnetic field (that is, the device is able to reduce the influence of other radiations closest to it).

🐝 The principle of operation 🐝
of Vladimir Tyunyaev's Neitronik

Neitronik by Vladimir Tyunyaev Neitronik protects the body from harmful radiation from any models of mobile phones and smartphones, tablets, computer monitors and TVs, laptops, Wi-Fi routers, microwave ovens ‒ all signal transmitting devices. The effectiveness of the protection of a biological object (person) by Neitronik from electromagnetic radiation has been experimentally proven by dozens of studies. The device attenuates the electromagnetic field (EMF) in a wide frequency range in the near field; especially effective in promising 5G technology. The main advantage in comparison with other protective devices is that when the device-emitter is on, it interacts exclusively with its EMF. At the same time, it does not affect a person, remaining absolutely safe for the body and does not interfere with equipment. When the device-emitter is switched off Neitronik is neutral. It harmoniously combines the principle of biological protection, bioregulation with the effect of mosaic radiophysical attenuation in the near zone. This is confirmed by scientific research on the developed author's methodology in accordance with the highest world measurement standards.

Neitronik ‒ is a special antenna that is powered by a radiator and extinguishes the electric vortex field in antiphase. The protective device neutralizes modulations that affect the human body. The main thing ‒ is to follow the simple installation instructions that come with each Neitronik.

The EMP protection device, presented directly by the manufacturer, is the most powerful neutralizer of technogenic radiation from electronics of almost any type today (with the exception of smart watches and Bluetooth headsets, which cannot be purchased at all). Since a passive antenna has a beneficial effect on the biofield as a result of the physical elimination of electromagnetic and torsion effects on it, Neitronik makes the inner world cleaner and restores a healthy state of the body.

The hologram consists of 3 layers on the principle of double-glazed windows or powerful filters, each of which covers its own frequency range protecting against 5G and, at the same time, "old" mobile networks (2G, 3G, 4G). 2‒3 weeks Neitronik "adjusts" to a specific gadget, and works in this mode for more than 10 years, provided that there is no mechanical damage and the operating conditions are observed (the arrow down on the smartphone, and on other devices ‒ the protection should be located as close as possible to the emitter).

For people who understand the fact that the human body is an open system, a foil hat as a "protection" ‒ is not an option, although it would have cost much less. By the way, a foil hat blocks energy flows, and a person can become clouded with reason. That is why "protective" devices that have not passed scientific control and and are widely represented on the market are so dangerous. In the White Book of Vladimir Tyunyaev there is a comparison of such models and our invention. Being an aircraft mechanic and physicist by profession, V. N. Tyunyaev possessing specific knowledge about the effect of technology created an energy shield that is easy to use, if you like, which really works.

The cactus (certain species, the larger the better) really helps from the influence of a computer at a certain level, but it acts strictly in narrow ranges and cannot cover the entire spectrum of emitters of false values ​​imposed on by modern consumer society. Vibrissae ("antennae") of cats ‒ are also a kind of antenna, through which the animal feels more than a person, tuning in to the energy-information wave. But! Having got a kitten, although he purrs languidly hugging a child's hand who is tired of the smartphone, you should not hope for a miracle either. It is best not to guess, testing yourself like a laboratory rat, but to acquire a real Neitronik protective device while maintaining a reasonable attitude to the effects of signal transmitting technology. It is better to buy a Neitronik for your kid, and not a new moronic toy or an application on your smartphone.

There is, of course, a total protection option: completely abandon smartphones, the Internet, electric trains, and airplane flights - and go into ascetics, rushing only into the inner world... But this approach, on the contrary, will create a gap in the energy and trace of the physical armor of the body, in addition to the psychological tension (phobias). In addition, no one will guarantee that a remote sensing satellite of the Earth's surface is not flying over you at the moment and is not transmitting information at this very moment; by the way, it operates in the same frequency range. The only reasonable option ‒ is electromagnetic safety (EMB), proposed by a group of incorruptible independent scientists competent in this field, one of which is Vladimir Nikolaevich ‒ the creator of Neitronik.

🧬 Saving blood with Neitronik 🧬

Neitronik restores the reference blood composition

Signal transmitting devices primarily affect the blood, turning it into lumps when heated and dehydrated. This, in turn, leads to the occurrence of blood clots and further consequences for the human body. Just as melt water is structured, the action of Neitronik restores the reference blood composition after the influence of a mobile phone or other technology. This is the process of bringing the body into conformity with the natural natural electromagnetic background (NEB).

Neitronik restores the internal environment of the body

Neitronik is able to protect the internal environment of the body from electromagnetic radiation (EMP), which, in the absence of a security device, bombards blood molecules and other systems like a giant microwave. A collection of Neutroniks in an apartment on various devices is capable of creating a safety net ‒ a kind of energy-information dome, like a Faraday's cage. Our ancestors knew a lot about this, and now there is a unique opportunity to implement this knowledge to protect your family. Such a chance should not be missed!

Child in Faraday's cage

You cannot physically put a child in a protective circuit, as in this picture, and you cannot put foil under the wallpaper . This is stupid, and you can't protect yourself from everything. Therefore, it is happiness that there is a domestic invention, really operating, which is able to protect the baby from the electromagnetic smog that surrounds him and creates a "fog" in his head. Electromagnetic fields ‒ are an invisible and pervasive factor affecting internal organs, especially the child's body due to the greater permeability and high water content in body tissues and the brain. The interaction occurs gradually, causing irritability and fatigue, and then gains momentum and becomes background radiation that reduces the child's immune defenses. At school, he is surrounded by children poking like monkeys into their cell phones, and these dangerous devices are EMP amplifiers, especially in a building and with poor signal coverage (in general, they say "coverage" for a reason ‒ so this electromagnetic smog is extensive). And your beloved creature is affected even if he does not use a smartphone or tablet. This I am silent about Wi-Fi and towers! So it was conceived in conspiracy with Big Pharma with the blind Themis.

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