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Saving kindest children from abuse
Vaccinations for children, dangerous foods with GMOs, chemtrails, microchipping, juvenile justice ‒ this is not a complete list of pandemic elements for modern children. Poisoned pill of universal lie swallowed in the shell of state security measures through the use of people's weaknesses. Protect yourself and your loved ones from dangerous products and the introduction of GMOs in food, preventive vaccinations, which irreversibly suppress the immunity of the child! Know that ultrasound during pregnancy directly affects the DNA of the future baby. In fact ‒ and this has been proven ‒ it is vaccinations for children that cause sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), cerebral palsy and autism (besides all the other consequences). The best way to inform ‒ is to debug a lie-poisoned opinion in favor of a person’s self-help. This is the main thing we do. Real knowledge will allow you to live happily, not encroaching on others. The great problem is that with the relative availability of true knowledge, when manipulations are already clear, and that the root of most problems is the exploitation of animals, many do not perceive this and do not want to perceive it. This led to a futile waste of the wonderful guys who wanted to convey information about this. Many people want victims on the altar ‒ a plate with a piece of meat, the main thing is that the flat-screen TV is tasty. Why change something, they say, it’s better to deal with what is customary and order the killing of animals while feeding a kitten or stroking a cross... I don’t care about such hypocrites! I deal with issues of moral recovery and ensuring the conditions for self-help of good children and their parents, who accidentally fell into a situation of influence from dangerous factors and do not parasitize others. As a result, a person can help himself only by taking confident steps and coming into line with the moral foundations of the ancestral covenants by drawing conclusions about the false paths of self-development. To make a soft landing, you need to calibrate several indicators in the center ‒ something like this: you will not achieve a reliable goal and will not find moral peace until you come to terms with this without karmic debt. This is the basis of successful life.

«Happiness in Freedom» ‒ the international Project of multifactor study of the impact on children and DNA from the world government and executive structures, which has the task of restoring the real basic structure of living organisms (including the reverse of the human genetic code) and their morality ‒ without interfering with personal and social life, carried out by informing citizens of all countries about hidden facts and factors of influence.

Project «Happiness in Freedom» was created by the hands of a child for the sake of innocent children, who cried to the sky so that it is about to fall to the ground from the severity of their tears. Nowadays, the only opportunity for individual freedom is provided by universal awareness of what is actually happening, and not by the color box ‒ the coffin for consciousness. Here are just the facts: no comments, no censorship, no ads. Making conclusions for yourself ‒ is your task. This Resource is not for everyone. He is individual. It is correct to say this: it is for you, but not only. On these pages are purely those knowledge that are applicable in real life, what you should pay attention to; reveal secret facts that are deliberately seized from the public. I put a lot of zeal and love to work, to study the works of great guys and highlight the vital in their chosen form. Thousands of Belovikov and audio notes of my ideas and methods of protecting personal freedom without encroachment were compiled, on which articles will be gradually published on the pages of the site and the best republikations of like-minded people with protection of their copyright will be presented. No philosophies. We are talking about your life and the lives of real children all over the world who need a sensible approach like never before. Those who actually know the truth, which is only one who uses the truth against those to whom it originally belongs, ‒ understand that the time has come. The night can't last forever. Another thing is that they do not intend to put up with this fact, because unhappy people ‒ are a source of power for them for a very long time.

Microchip under the skin
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Here it is ‒ a microchip under the skin. The cornerstone of modern science, a stronghold of cruelty and hypocrisy in relation to citizens. The introduction of microchips is being carried out everywhere, but more sophisticated methods of control have already appeared through direct influence on consciousness through remote commands at a certain frequency. Chiping the population of many countries ‒ is a legalized spontaneous process, for which clear deadlines are set. In the United States, many firms are not hired if a microchip is not implanted into the candidate’s hand. Young owners of the microchip even have a "rebate": they can more easily go to all sorts of clubs and discos. The system of chipping the population is uncontrollably improved, being the more sophisticated forms of introduction into the human body. At the same time, not the technologies themselves are dangerous, but the interests of people using them for incomprehensible and violent purposes.

We so often talk about the consequences, without exploring exhaustively the reasons leading to them. Beyond madness, there is a deafening insight, waiting for lost souls on all sides. And it is important to understand the main thing: one should not struggle with something, but purify one's essence with a personal example of morality ‒ and thus be a beacon for other good people on the same frequency. Such concepts should cause a shock: “the right of an woman to have an abortion”, “extra children”, “life begins at birth”, “Russian vodka”, “animal products are necessary”, and so on. There is a reality, and it is the same: if someone your action caused suffering or deprived of life, then you are guilty. And no matter what the reasons were, except for the immediate threat to life. Morality is based on this. All the rest ‒ is self-justification.

Some may say: "You are not physically helping children, and your activity ‒ is all written with pitchforks on the water." I will answer this way. The most valuable ‒ is information ‒ not a "straw" in the form of antibiotics and chemotherapy, but an understanding balloon that will carry over the needle-like earth, if the fire is maintained. The objective of my Project «Happiness in Freedom» ‒ is to prevent the effects of vaccinations and other influencing factors on babies. I do not help my parents "lick" wounds or multiply the sick and unfortunate ‒ I only try to the best of my ability and understanding so that families can help themselves and provide healthy foundations in their own circle. I sincerely understand what it is and how difficult it is to understand among the contradictory facts in the conditions of modernity.

Who is here when it's too late, listen. This is not a church, where only the subject of his guilt is mourned, but a lamp with a wick on tears from the ocean of incomprehension has nowhere to put. Too shaky world of the child of the one who believes in the word all sorts of "experts". Here we sober your mind. What are you complaining at all? Is it really hard to guess what the composition should be read?! This enters the body of a little child!!! And it launches a cascade of chemical reactions, and then you, for the time being, at the threshold of no return scold him for aggression and uncontrollable behavior ‒ instead of hugging and regretting, drawing conclusions and cutting off the strings of puppeteers. We, the children, were trapped by deceived interested persons of loving parents. And mom with dad are not always to blame. They simply do not know that they live correctly in the plans of manipulators. You are not at a psychologist's reception, but in a country of solace in practice in answering unasked crucial questions. Sobriety ‒ is the main postulate. Learn how to enter the correct requests on the Internet of the form "Danger (consequences) of vaccinations (ultrasound during pregnancy)" in order not to stumble upon a cannonade of commercial resources with relevant interests. Sorry, but I deal with the issues of child health (physical and moral), and not his absence. The Project is focused on good children. For proper understanding, read the Mission of the organization. This is the reason why you came here, and not to social services ‒ to state dealers selling children and their organs abroad. There is a video about it, but in Russian. The bottom line ‒ Russia is a colony of the United States ‒ and pays tribute to the physical resources of children. But the truth ‒ is that the USA is also a colony! We were all in trouble.

Comments and ratings are banned on all pages of this Resource, because child abuse, baseless deprivation of parental rights under the cover of laws and mind control through influence through subliminal stimuls ‒ are a reason for frank heart-to-heart talk with a serious attitude of those who came here to answer the question "How to protect yourself and your child?". For whom everything has already been decided and you don’t want you to be exposed to exposing what you are used to, but you are here to philosophize so much for the sake of philosophy, ‒ all together go to good for understanding pages of the section «Appeal to the deceived» and do not forget to read the article «What is cattle».

Please excuse the fact that not all pages of the site are finalized and filled with content. This is due to the fact that I, before displaying this or that information, check it with cross methods from more than one source in order to provide you with all the puzzles. Whether you assemble an image ‒ is up to you. A good exercise for the inquisitive mind: to separate the seed from the chaff. I devote most of my time to ensuring that the Project is implemented as soon as possible, filling and optimizing the pages. I understand that many readers have family and work, therefore here is a complete set of data without "water". Feel free to: write through the feedback form at the end of any publication or email rescue@childhoodworld.org ‒ and I will send you personally the information I have at the moment on the question that interests you, but it is not on the site yet. It is very important for me that the information being studied is not in vain.

We ‒ are moral and kind at heart! We have treasure in us. It does not matter in which country you are currently reading this site. The soul of the planet, an example of generosity and heroic strength, justice of the spirit and the word. It is you. Every person who has not forgotten about it. And moral representatives of all nations. My ancestors ‒ the Russians Aryans ‒ took care of pure blood and saved our planet not for children to be taken from their parents (juvenile justice) and made them slaves of their own body and mind, while other kids rot in their raw earth while adults thump in the corners once Great Fatherland with great opportunities instead of enjoying life. Our countries use because the majority of citizens ‒ are filthy or sick owners, who are not very active in positive decisions even for themselves. It should be remembered that ignorance ‒ is a loss of control!

Religion is viewed from a critical point of view and is associated with cattle, ‒ and not as an opportunity to save real living children, who all over the world need sensible constructive solutions more than ever. The activity of the Project «Happiness in Freedom» does not make a call for anything or a basis for ideological movements. Respect for the Russian nation as the soul of the planet is in no way the implication of racism. Here we consider the evidence of the direct participation of the “intellectual elite” and the people themselves in the causes of the emergence, not of a universal pandemic, but of the problems of every living being, regardless of affiliation or type. Skin color does not protect against microchips or vaccinations! At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the fact that it is the Russians that is in greatest danger, since it is the Russians who can resist the New World Order, because from ancient times our language is the root of many others and clearly reflects the basic qualities of the structural elements of being. Manipulators are trying to take away the memory of this past, condemning existence in a free future (“history” means “he is from Torah”).

Least of all, the manipulators behind the scenes need thinking people who are able to think critically. The shadow government uses the principle of "divide, control, and conquer". At the same time, they need two main mechanisms (the flywheels) to control the society ‒ money and religion, which often form a single whole, becoming an end in itself. In addition, these two concepts should be considered in the broadest sense: religion ‒ as a system of false beliefs on which parasitic behavior is based; money ‒ as a motivating and constraining factor for managing every single family. The Illuminati through the Masons (my interpretation ‒ is “mass sleep”) arrange at all levels the destruction of humanity by the hands of the people themselves, since according to the laws of the subtle world, if they act directly, it will return to them back and to a greater degree. Their demonic essences feed on the so-called "gavvakh" ‒ low-frequency energy, which occurs in a living being as a result of suffering: and the more sensitive it is, the younger, and acutely hurt, the more these creatures get energy and become stronger. This is a direct mechanism for using the inhabitants of planet Earth as a farm with a limited number of individuals. And in terms of similarity, this is not surprising ‒ people keep slaughterhouses for the consumption of the corpses of innocent animals who have done nothing wrong (generally eat grass). So there were concentration camps for people, including children: everything returns, guys! The one who consciously for moral reasons refuses to maintain it is not a member of this vicious system: for example, a child when his mother tells him to "Eat chicken soup" ‒ responds in bewilderment "How is it? The chicken runs around! Has she fallen into soup?". By the way, a bonus for egoists: the animal protein is perceived by the human body as an alien antigen, and wears out faster (precisely at a loss, as if it were a sin ;-) ‒ shortening the lifetime and confidently taking the path of diseases and the new battery «Dura Shell 6.0» for manipulators.

Reveal kindness in your life and charge others...
That is what the enviousists are trying to block!..
After all, we are blasted with the mind and light real!..

I am sure that these pages also read those vanities which hurt the smitting gaze of confident healthy children, therefore I declare this straight to my face: I am not crossing the road for you; people still get what they like, so you will always be. But as long as the right of the word I proved with my impregnation, a little child, I have the right to turn the wing of help to other children: whoever clings, waking from a hypnotic sleep, ‒ will be happy. I hope you heard me.

How does a handful of pedigrees for many millennia control the whole world? The answer is as follows. They play on desires and striving for self-realization by means of forgery in this sacred process and the manipulation of opinions about themselves; A person's exposure to such an effect is manifested in a constant stressful situation and a state of limbo, with a vague understanding of what needs to be done. This intrapersonal conflict occurs because of uncertainty about the future, because circumstances change more often than a person is able to adapt to them. In the end, he no longer wants to know the truth, because the operational component of the brain has a limit. Then the individual already agrees that he is controlled, while believing in the imposed images. The goal of any mind control is total submission after the break of the human will (according to the same scheme, manipulators burn children with immunity through vaccination).

I am not for peace in the whole world, but for happiness in every home. With this begins the motherland. It is a huge lie when they say that ‒ it is normal to sacrifice a few for the sake of a whole country or a great goal. No one gave the right of such a comparison. The soldiers who were sent to war ‒ not "cannon fodder". They are someone's sons. Countries incite each other; conflicts are controlled, as well as artificial financial crisis. Persons in masks that have not yet been torn off, which will be discussed on these pages, play on your feelings, without revealing the true Secret: You are ‒ the master of your life and no one else.

My heart beats in my chest and I really want to live. At the same time I provide real personal data on the site. I have no fear, so the manipulators have no power over me. I just really want the world to be a little kinder and happier. Here we are ‒ moral ‒ noble, beautiful, sincere, solemn. It is necessary to save our pure blood in time, so that it would not be necessary to fight for it, and help other nations to do this.

Without microchips, juvenile justice, vaccinations, chemtrails, GMOs!
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