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from 2018-11-11

Защита добрейших детей и блаженных от посягательств Детский Манифест | Русская вер. Unites States & Russia: Friendship between both hemispheres of the bipolar world Children's Manifesto | English ver. Protection of the kindest children and the blissful from encroachment

Children's Manifesto in response to the genocide and abuse of children
„The sounds of the gusle are felt in the world
Not anxiety, but great powers from the heart,
The embodiment of beautiful and sensual words
In the warm home of healthy basics, ‒
Rus' is revives, my bright-eyed Aryan,
Unvarnished and rich moral distances.”
[Excerpt from my poem «Guardian Angel»]

Children's Manifesto of Child This Children's Manifesto from 2018-11-11 is mainly based on my appeal to the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) of 2015-09-29, dedicated to the 13th plenary meeting of the 70th UN session of 2015-09-28.

On behalf of my child state of the Veche Répuplique Avalon et de la Tartarie Atlantis (VRATA) I express my deep gratitude to the international moral organizations, the head and the governing body of the United Nations, the participating countries and personally the leaders of these countries, Interpol, for their active attempts to constructively solve parenthood and childhood issues in the territories under your jurisdiction, to all whom this may concern, for real ideas of the development of talented youth, an ideological course and steps towards fruitful cooperation.

VRATA does not have its own territory, but the energy of the kindest children surrounds the space with saving wings on a more subtle level, and the highest values ​​are indomitable. Lawmaking, the mouthpiece of which presents the present Project at the break of time, applies to all territories where children live and all areas that are associated with them in the name of kindness and moral salvation.

The world is marking time in a vicious circle of using (recruiting) the young ‒ the main engine of the potential true revolution ‒ and reducing the population by more and more sophisticated methods.

A false approach to uniting the world on the ruins, since such radical methods can only lead to the New World Order. The universe itself indicated what is common to us: one planet, children in each country and sound mutual respect. And the traditions, inviolability and sovereignty of every nation are their own, if they do not encroach on the same rights of others, regardless of their size. Manipulators destroy a common house, demolishing the bearing walls of borders and relaxing control of opiates, carrying out terror by special services and selling children’s stem cells to rich customers. A horned oligarchy doesn’t care what color his skin is ‒ the blood inside all is scarlet. And the pain for them is sweet honey on lips that dry from hatred for clear-eyed babies. The most reasonable way out of moral and physical slavery is your own choice of the principle "do no harm" in spite of any allowances, a winged manifestation of freedom without infringing others. No master. There is a veche of the kindest bright minds based on the Tree of the Ancestors. The branch does not abandon the tree, and the leaf dies after being torn away from it. Everything is interconnected.

Everyone has the right to privacy, and this should not cause suspicion until the moment of infringement on others. The sacrament of the personal, as well as the development of the child in the womb, is a pledge of self-realization of the individual, and therefore the development and health of society as a whole.

We should not allow states to become an arena for sharing clan interests, ostensibly only because of raw materials. Each country, depending on the density of residents in its territory, is obliged to independently resolve the issue of hyper-fertility or, on the contrary, decrease without killing children and influencing the reproductive sphere. Such blasphemy as the destruction of the heritage of the ancestors of peoples, the extermination of the youngest descendants, their parents, children in the war, under whatever pretext it is carried out, is a sin. There can be no reasons for genocide and war, as well as the use of weapons to unarmed.

There are enough brilliant ideas in the world on the introduction of renewable energy sources, the use of the ether, but they are not being translated into reality, because then people will switch to a way of life that is not controlled by manipulators. And they cannot allow it, because they are painfully eager to play with human, especially children's, destinies.

Children ‒ are not a sweet meat bag for feeding or retrieving organs and gavvakh. No one has the right to interfere in the family without specific causes and violence against the child for her, exceeding any risk of alienation. The priority of the government should first of all be the creation of conditions for the moral self-realization of the peoples living in the territory of a particular country, and not the use of citizens as a resource. Juvenile justice must be strictly criticized and anathematized as a trap for children and a tool of degeneration, and any politicians implementing laws that benefit them on the use of children should be impeached and imprisoned in high-security prisons for a long time.

Yes, the world is heading for the abyss. So it's time to change something. It's simple: either give a chance to someone else, dying under the yoke of greed; or to make decisions now that will save those living in the bosom of the planet ‒ and everyone will be honored to participate in salvation. We must begin with the refusal to eat the slaughtered animals, the dead flesh eroding from the inside and smashing the stench to the outside. Karmic debt is formed from the theft of the non-owned and the justification of the means of attaining the goal.

It is time to stop supporting a society of false values, but so that housing and honest work rewards are available. The pledge of waste-free - in the quality of products and the integrity of each person, not for profit, - is so easy to solve the problem of garbage. Laziness should be rejected as an atavism of ignorance, and the use of attributes of physical goods should be repeated in order to avoid unnecessary scrap.

Refugees, migrant workers and other representatives of non-residents of a particular country must have a differentiated approach in terms of the right of residence within the receiving territory, the use of elementary duties in response to the nobility of help (at least, garbage collection). The legal prerogative of employment should be given to legal citizens of the state who were born and permanently residing on its territory, as well as other indigenous peoples. Let the aliens from other places arrange the land of the countries that sheltered them, grow food and honestly receive income for labor equivalent to the main citizens.

I do not believe that the American and Russian world tend to be the aggressor, without conclusions, impartial. I myself was born in Russia, and I wanted this wonderful land to become a ray of light for salvation. However, the trampling of ancient truths and elementary meat-eating along with opiates led to the debilization of the population.

It is necessary to identify talented young people with no age limit ‒ a clear-eyed mind ‒ and to promote their moral self-development not for the purpose of recruiting, but replacing the old homegrown mechanisms for managing life-preservation and production. The state should be ruled by the veche council of representatives of the real aristocracy from the capital, the regions and the best representatives of citizens, who actively and constructively declared this. The criterion of rejection should be on the foreseeable consequences of lobbied interests, and not in favor of the proteges of clans and adepts.

I see the solution of food and quality nutrition issues in the revival of generic values ​​and the development of agriculture. Everyone should have a real opportunity to realize the right in reasonable quantities to provide themselves with quality products at minimal cost and to have a full-fledged housing without encroaching on the inherent benefits of a happy life without excessive consumerism. Instead of the "subsistence minimum" one should introduce the "subsistence average" based on individual characteristics and level, but not lower than the satisfaction of the basic needs of a particular family.

Animal rights must be equal to human. Without this understanding, no development and solution of the most pressing issues is possible. Innocent are those who, for no reason, by default, abandon carnivores and exploit other creatures in any form. At the same time, arbitrariness and trials in relation to meat eaters should not be allowed: a providence and health problems will appear as a boomerang for them because of their karmic duty.

A key factor in security is the elimination of the production of weapons throughout the world and the supply of such, as well as other factors of compulsory influence. The right to live is proven by conception and is inalienable if this being does not encroach on the same right of another. We now live in a world in which a fundamental difference is instilled in relation to our and other people's children, the oppression of indigenous and defenseless peoples is an illusion of freedom and demonocracy, under the dictatorial conditions of which even a child can be declared a terrorist.

In the current realities, the leaders of countries are given the price of innocent victims a paid opportunity to speak on the merits, frankly and from the heart, about a vital, without self-serving goal with personal interest, but taking into account the needs of each. So many guys paid with their lives to turn the cup of despair, mutual misunderstanding, religious strife and poverty! The search for answers to simple questions that we don’t even know how to ask is not on distant stars, but here on our planet in the hearts of the kindest children.

It is time to make clear to the manipulators by personal moral behavior ‒ without weapons! ‒ that it is impossible to implement their plans in our reality and there is nothing to punish us for, which means there is nothing to justify their arbitrary actions on degeneration. The first serious step - the rejection of the products of murder and exploitation. This is the starter of all problems.

Dear friends, nations of the world, leaders of states! From all my children's heart, I wish you understanding, kindness and prosperity. In the name of children I ask you to hear the prayers of moral parents, defenseless and blissful; and thank you for your support in the development of projects aimed at creation. You were also children. Do not consign it to oblivion. Take care of your loved ones!


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