🌱 Inaugural speech 🌱
of the future
President of Ukraine

Russia 🙏🏻 Ukraine 🙏🏻 Belarus 🙏🏻 Kazakhstan
Ukrainian word 🌿 Taras Shevchenko
„So many years we are not doing good,
We do not take a lesson from grief.
Only we keep the sad from the past,
Every morning looking at the sunrise.”
[Excerpt from my poem «For Children of Chernobyl»]

Created: 2019-06-21 08:33
Update: 2019-06-24 11:29
354002, Russia, Krasnodar Territory,
Sochi Resort, Deputatskaya str., 1
Valentin Aleksandrovich Tokarev, a child with
diplomatic status and dual citizenship
[international passport of Russia 65 7021900,
telephone number +7-918-907-11-29 («MTS»)]
[foreign passport of Ukraine ЕМ 081714,
civil passport of Ukraine ЕЕ 671726,
Igor' Aleksandrovich Fedorov ‒ before the change]

Dear ukrainians, everyone who believes
in well-being our slavic states!

🔆 Based on the deep roots of Russian slavic-aryan, himself being a little aryan, ‒ the Name of the kindest children and blessed, the Name of the ancestors of the peoples for freedom and happiness, for the sake of moral relations and health, expression of selfless child's heart, keeping a clean Russian blood, common sense and a high morally, determined and honestly, ‒

●●● Lit. A1. Taking into account the rewriting of the history of our Motherland by interested individuals, clan corporate interests and declaring themselves to be the powers that be by means of a nuclear arsenal, the need to revive common roots and establish peaceful happy relationships on the planet,
●●● Lit. A2. Taking into account inaction, commercial interest or weakness on the part of world power structures, including «Interpol», in matters of neutralizing arms supplies to interested countries, as well as narcotic substances and their precursors to control the consciousness of young people, taking into account all influences from all sides on children and their parents, given the rights from conception and confirmed by birth to light,
●●● Lit. B1. Given the need to protect the kindest kids and the blessed from encroachment,
●●● Lit. C1. Based on the «Universal Declaration of Human Rights», adopted by the UN General Assembly on December 10, 1948 (resolution 217 A (III), which explicitly and explicitly proclaims the standards of freedom and equality in dignity and rights, the right to life and personal integrity, which are inalienable from birth, taking into account the need to improve this document, personalization,
●●● Lit. D1. Based on the Charter of the charitable organization-state of childhood VRATA, the founder and author of which I am,


future President of Ukraine

The fire of the mighty peoples smoldered for a long time, but the remaining sparks were not enough to illuminate and expel the onslaught of envious enemies who were envious from all sides. They spit for centuries in order to extinguish the bright beacon and dissolve our unity from within. Our spirituality, based on moral principles of chastity and piety, without charters and biblical ideas, and coming from the human heart, didn’t give peace to the Global Predictor for every ladder that young talents stumble over. Enough of that! Enough bloodshed, enmity and quarrels over and without! Quite tears of parents and the unspeakable pain of children!

Today, every day of delay in understanding, our present formation of the future, trouble stands at every threshold and has already knocked on the door to the last representatives of the once prosperous Russia ‒ the whole of our slavic world in general ‒ and it doesn't matter whether it is Russia or Ukraine: there are children everywhere, humans with radiant eyes, only such and unique. Our friendship and harmony were the last energy barrier to invade our lands and use resources.

Unfortunately, any promises of the Guarantor of the Constitution are impossible to fulfill without the moral ideals of every single person and citizen. There can't be permissible violence and exploitation of living beings and resources anywhere in the world. And this is not the Law of a separate state, which can be interpreted in different ways by oligarchic snakes eager for their good. The root of all the problems of Ukraine and any other country ‒ is the admissibility of destroying what is dear to us by the hands of the people themselves (in fact, “apoptosis”): the consumption of animal products, the consumption of opiates (primarily alcohol and tobacco), the parasitic way of thinking is poisoned and at low frequency. So the inhabitants of different countries are not very different. Why then the dispute? In Russia the same problems as in Ukraine, as in the Americans and the Chinese: all accomplices and victims of the global consumption pandemic. Of course, the world government generates problems, but their nutrition ‒ is the actions of people who eat tasty dead flesh and don't give a damn about the victims under their feet. This fact it seems otherwise. But this is only an illusion leading to the discharge of the incredible suffering of innocents in the events that we could observe during wars and various cataclysms. Any significant event in political and natural processes expresses its content, at what cost the time frame was built and whether it was lived accordingly. It does not matter a Ukrainian or a Russian, one who is a wanderer or a family man, everyone in any part of the silent Universe is the cause and gets the result of his ignorance or benefactors. So sometimes say: „Hurt”. The essence is in the compensation of the resources received by their renewal and transformation into the clean energy of opportunities.

The President and the Constitution ‒ are only a lighthouse and a wharf. You personally sail through the ocean of opportunity. A nominal chess piece and a thin brochure are by no means capable of guaranteeing a priori rights and freedoms, just to remind in general of the invisible ideal by arranging a state. Only you and everyone can make a difference. It’s just the way, which you like: stop parasitizing animals and everything around you, cursing and cursing, drinking and smoking, blaming neighboring countries for their actions without seeing trampled under their own feet. Leaving an ever less bloody trail on the light path, we do not cease to be guilty. And I am very sorry, that skepticism in this respect prevails over thinning prudence. Therefore, our people suffered such a misfortune.

My mom advises me, a child, not to go into politics. And she is right. In the swamp it is necessary not to climb, and drain it to the bottom in order to see what is hidden in the depths. And having drawn conclusions, extracting the best tools and qualities forgotten behind the shroud of centuries, being guided by conscience to realize a competent system of government.

If you look on Europe ‒ Ukraine is her heart, as always was the slavic world for the planet. And we cannot do without such a singing, beautiful Ukraine! For my part, I will do everything in my power for Russia and Ukraine to establish relations after the planned events of recent years. Escalation against one of these countries and lustration ‒ is not the way out! The situation speaks for itself, that a radically different approach is needed in the organization of the activities of the state apparatus, local officials and the judicial system. Moral people, borders, subsoil, energy, agriculture, forest and territorial resources ‒ this is OUR wealth!

Separate groupings of the world government acting in the interests of their dark masters, taking advantage of the position of international players (and this is not a game!), oligarchs pulling the last strands out of the country, every drunkard and meat decorator ‒ our common problem, uniting our forces in creating an information antidote and its injection, dear representatives of the aristocracy of Ukraine and Russia, of all mankind! And being moral, it is we who, like no one else, disentangle the consequences of the crowd’s misunderstanding (literally “explosive step”) of the true situation in subtle political structures, therefore we have a sacred mission: the revival of the roots of ancestors in the moral representatives of nations. And Ukraine, being in direct combat, ‒ is now our top priority.

Dear friends! Employees of the Governments of Russia and Ukraine, foreign intelligence, the Security Services, all Ministries, I beg you for the sake of all that is holy, for the sake of your children, ‒ make peace between our countries by informing important information about the true causes of discord. And when it becomes obvious, apply your leverage to finally create an active administration of the board of our states from the moral and most capable representatives. Perhaps this is the last chance in this era. Jews, use your mind and express your abilities in self-help and assistance in building up without encroachment and with measured understanding. We are bright, beautiful and noble. Why lose it? In order not to encroach, it is necessary to reasonably control the birth rate and the renewability of resources. The base resource is an area suitable as a habitat of a particular species on any planet (yes, yes, children live everywhere!): it is not for sharing as a pie, but its limitations ‒ are a direct indicator of the need for rational use of land for everyone, according to needs, with compensation for opportunities (creation for use, without encroaching on the life and freedom of others). Yes, everything is so simple.

Fatal mistake for Ukraine was the desire entry to the European Union (literally “Jewish Union”). No wonder voters are called "electorate" (literally "electric power through the scream")! I understand the desire of people for a good life. But! What is the price and what is missing? Roll up your sleeves and rebuild the country together. Begin to put the roads in order so merrily that the corrupt officials would feel uncomfortable in sweaty chairs. Question information, master critical thinking, discard the imposed idols and ideals, find time for the moral education of children and improve your opinion. What is the problem? Or are you like a sliver in a dirty crowd flow? Think about it, maybe everything is good with us. Just adjust the behavior. You know, with a bottle of beer and a drunk face to walk around with any flag is useless - Ukraine and Russia do not need such a “voice”. Well, interested people can use to pay a little or convincing that it is worth something. This is not helping your country! And do not serve as a dog owner! Unplug from himself Bible and the TV ‒ try to organize your life in a healthy way so that it is not a shame compared to the moral ideals that you think you are protecting. After all, often the actions of people who do not understand the flow of political processes, deftly fit into the plans of the world behind the scenes.

Is false any way leading to the victims! And the agents of the world government led Ukraine along this path... the text is not yet finished! Continued expect after 2019-07-19, my diplomatic visit to Turkey.


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